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Salad Recipes

Salad recipes are perfect for any occasion, whether as a side item or main course. They are great for helping lose weight, boost nutritional intake, and a great way to get all of the servings of vegetables and fruit your body needs every day.

I personally love all kinds of salads. And I love to experiment with different recipes in search for the best salads.

Salad style recipes are the most versatile of all recipes in that you can do pretty much anything with vegetables and fruit and call it a salad. And not all salad mixes have to have lettuce. In fact, most of them are better without lettuce.

Check out some of the salad recipes to help you stay healthy.

Salad Recipes for the Masses!

The following is my list of great salads that you can use to garnish any meal.

Vegetable Medley Salad

Please let me know if you have a fantastic salad recipe that isn't in my list so I can add it to the blog. You will get credit for it.